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    We are an independent boutique strategy consultancy, part of the MÖBIUS Group. Our focus lies on helping Belgian organizations across industries through changes in their strategy, organization and processes. Our solutions are creative, bespoke and ready-to-implement. We are a young and dynamic team with big ambitions and a passionate, entrepreneurial and down-to-earth culture.


    Why MCL?

    Quality consulting

    Top quality

    High level of in-house expertise


    People are our main asset; we offer sharp, young talents backed by seniors with cross-industry experience. Supported by a strong methodological framework.

    Integrity is valued


    We care about your business challenges

    Each project and each customer is important to us. And for each one, we want to achieve the best possible result.

    We work pragmatically




    We believe in bespoke solutions that are clear and usable for the client. That way,

    organisations can enhance their self-learning capability.

    We guide you on a peer-to-peer basis


    Working peer-to-peer


    During this process, we offer a sounding board for leaders and employees while challenging the status quo.

  • Value proposition

    Support mid-sized and large companies with the long term strategic development of their organisation

    Create sustainable excellence

    Developing a long term vision to liberate potential for the future

    • Strengthen your business model
    • Economic viability of ideas based on cross-industry experience and proven methodology
    • Consider the system to build structural solutions 
    • Sharpen your focus and market positioning to accelerate growth

    Start from a holistic perspective

    See the big picture

    • Integrate the inside-out & outside-in reflections
    • Looking at the company as one instead of insolated entities
    • Recognizing all stakeholders, from top to bottom
    • Challenging different point of views

    Anchor change in your organisation

    Increase the long term returns by anchoring your strategy in every aspect of the organization

    • Anchored in every aspect of the organization
    • Stimulating active participation of the team
    • Willfully integrating perspectives from all parties
    • In line with future business drivers
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    One document that describes the core of MCL

    Recruiting -
    We are hiring!

    We are always looking for new talent! Meet us at the Vlerick or Ekonomika Career fairs or send an email to info@mcl.eu


    If you would like more information on MCL careers, click below

    MCL is part of the Möbius group

    Möbius is an international group with extensive expericence in business consulting for large companies in several industries such as energy, recycling, health, services, retail, governments. They have an expertise in operational excellence, service excellence and people, process and organisation development.


    The focus of MCL to strategic consulting to a niche segment, mid-sized to large organisations, creates synergies in the customer portfolio as well as internal expertises.

  • Team

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