5 + 3 principles for evaluating a new organisational structure

Article written by Jonas Hatem - Partner at MCL strategy consultants

Ever wondered what principles we use at @MCL strategy to evaluate the fit for purpose of a new organisation structure ? Look no further, below is what could be our template. Yes: I said could be … read further to understand why.

  1. A structure supporting the shared strategic vision 
  2. Effective decision making through clear roles and responsibilities
  3. Balanced departments with sufficient critical mass
  4. Customer-driven solutions delivered by efficient internal processes
  5. Sustainable allocation of resources

You might think these 5 principles are obvious. Likewise, you could argue some bits are missing. But for us… they are not obvious. They’re not because, each time, we redo the exercise with our customers end up with something similar to the list above. That’s right: every single one of our customers ends up independently at more or less the same. 

In fact… we could make a template out of it. We haven’t done it for a couple of very simple reasons: every customer is different and deserves a bespoke discovery. And it doesn’t take us much time to do the exercise. Ultimately, we’ll have a higher acceptance rate of the newly proposed organisational structure because we’ve defined the yardstick for “what does good look like” together. 

Didn’t I promise three more? Here you go:

  1. Optimal balance between exploitation (process) and exploration (innovation)
  2. Defined career paths for human capital
  3. Suitable governance solution, fit for the desired strategy
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