• What We Do

    To support our clients in solving their most critical business issues from strategy to implementation

    Developing strategy & creating value

    • Company audit from a strategy perspective
    • Discovering new opportunities, diversification and internationalisation
    • Developing vision, mission, strategy
    • Market research: surveying stakeholders & estimating market potential
    • Finding and eliminating margin leaks

    Accelerating growth

    • Defining focus & positioning
    • Elaborating customer-centric strategy on M&S
    • Finding and using growth levers

    Partner search & development

    • Partner screening
    • Discovering synergies
    • Facilitate the partnership win-win discussions
    • Choosing the right Collaboration Model

    Aligning the organisation

    • From product driven organisation to market driven organisation
    • Aligning the organisation for a growth strategy
    • Post M&A integration
    • Introducing competence and positional excellence
    • Developing the organisational structure
    • Understanding and transforming culture

    Guidance on implementation

    • Business Plan per BU, per segment,...
    • Alignment of all functional domains with the new strategy
    • Deploying new internal working models: finance, supply chain, M&S, HR, IT

    Change management

    • Project & program management
    • Transformation of culture, team dynamics & effectiveness
    • Coaching in organisational maturity growth
    • Personal development plans on management level
    • Reinventing organisational working
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